401k Assessment

If you are like most companies, your company sponsored retirement plan is a 401k. On the surface it is a great option for your employees.


Through years of independent research we have found that most 401k retirement plans are full of unnecessary fees that cause both your company and your employees individually to lose hundreds of thousands over the lifetime of the plan.


To help companies like yours succeed we launched a 401k analysis program that examines your fees, compares it to fees of other 401k providers, and provides a report on your program along with independent recommendations.

We have found that companies add on average over $400,000 to EACH employee's retirement value over the career of the employee by adjusting their 401k plan for better rates. 


In addition, companies have seen increased employee participation in the company 401k program, and an overall competitive advantage in hiring. 

Get our free guide to evaluating your 401k fees.

“The decision to have an independent group like CFO Network review our 401k plan is one of the best decisions we have ever made. The payback was quick and it saved us hundreds of thousands company wide.”


- Mitch Bettis, Arkansas Business Publishing Group

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