CFO Accelerate

Insight and Visibility

Understanding the financial side of your business is key to success. Our CFO Accelerate program brings an easy to use reporting and financial analysis tool (Insight engine) to help businesses gain insight and visibility into their company's finances. This helps you to assess business performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities.

Accelerate is perfect for businesses just getting started and need a low costs analysis solution to build for the future, as well as seasoned businesses who need quick visibility and analysis into their finances. 

Measure What Matters

Set objectives and measure what is really driving profitability

Most business owners are accustomed to getting financial reports that show how their company performed last month, or year to date. It is the way accountants and bookkeepers have done it for hundreds of years. None of that tells you what is really driving profitability. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) show the measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. CFO Accelerate's Insight Engine Dashboard allows you to look at your progress toward your key business objectives and see what changes you need to achieve those. 

Understand Requirements for Success

Find the recipe to make your goals a reality

Knowing what it takes to achieve your goals is half the struggle. The interactive tools in our dashboard allow you to see how changes to your business are needed to reach your goals.

What if you increased profitability to 20%? What if you made adjustments to your cash flow? With CFO Network’s Insight Engine, you can leverage this knowledge to explore the potential for your business. You can evaluate various goals that are aggressive yet achievable and instantly understand the requirements to get there

Grow Responsibly

Know where your cash is going 

Ever wonder what happened to your cash? Looking at sales and expenses once a month only gets you so far. Cash gets tied up in things like accounts receivable and inventory. This powerful tool lets you walk all the way from your revenues to what ended up in your bank account providing you a new level of insight into your business

Accelerate Includes:

Custom Financial Dashboard

Our financial dashboard shows valuable insights to your company's financial picture. It brings goal setting KPIs to help keep your company on track. The dashboard also allows you to project the impact of changes so you can see what you need to achieve to reach your goals. 

Easy Integration

The dashboard software integrates easily with the major accounting softwares to update automatically with your current finances.

One on One Financial Expert

Your membership comes with monthly one on one consulting time with our leading financial experts to look over your company's financial health, make adjustments, and answer any questions you have.

Easy On-Demand Access to Full CFO Network Support

If you find your company suddenly needing additional support, Accelerate offers easy access to any of our other services since you are already part of our system. We can quickly offer budgeting, planning, valuation, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, or build a custom service to match your needs. 

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All for only $250 per month. 

Get started now. 

Contact us for a hands on look at CFO Accelerate and to see how it can impact your company. 

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