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People First: At CFO our people come first. It born of a fundamental recognition that our people are our most valuable assets and comes ingrained in how we run our business. We believe in taking care of our people—literally. CFO is proud to offer a superior array of benefits, including health, 401k, life, disability, dental and vision plans. Work-Life Balance: CFO Network was founded on a principle that work is only one component of a happy and healthy life. We believe our long term success is based on having a full life, including family and other activities outside of work. CFO is committed to providing successful career paths that support a strong work-life balance. We are proud to prov

Outsourced Accounting

Thinking you need a bookkeeper, accountant or controller? Contact us to find out why we are a better alternative. If you don't agree then we will help you find the right solution! What if you had great numbers that you had confidence in, that you could act upon to make your business better? That you could use to help your team members work better? What if you had a team of accounting and finance people who had you covered from paying your bills to making sure your books were properly closed out in a timely fashion in a predictable time after every month? What if you had someone who was analyzing your numbers, covering all the bases for you, watching for even the smallest changes like a hawk?

Financial Analysis

CFO Network has experienced financial analysts to help you understand your numbers. We provide insight and visibility into what really drives profitability, allowing you to make faster, better and more impactful decisions. Most business owners are accustomed to getting financial reports that show how their company performed last month, or year to date. That's how accountants and bookkeepers have done it for hundreds of years. But this is the 21st century. A business owner needs more than visibility into the past-- especially the distant past. It's a lot like trying to drive a car down the road by looking only in the rear view mirror. ​ Where is your business right now? Where is your busines

Budgeting and Planning

This is real world business planning, how to actually develop a plan to run your business and stay on track to meet your goals. Proven from some of the world's most respected companies. CFO Network has deep experience with business planning. We have made a good living for more than a quarter century working with business owners to help them set aggressive yet achievable goals and objectives for their business. Our process starts with your goals. What are you trying to achieve in your business? This often times starts with an understanding the potential of the business. Most business owners have an intuitive feel for this. Next we start the process of building out a revenue forecast, then un

Chief Financial Officer Level Services

Do you need to hire a Chief Financial Officer? Talk to CFO Network first. We have worked with literally hundreds of companies. We can help you analyze the work requirements and find the best solution, whether that be an internal hire or a custom solution from CFO Network Contact us for a free consultation today! #services #cfoservices #smallbusinesscfo #parttimecfo #outsourcedcfo #cfojobdescription

What is the profile of a typical company you serve?

We serve all types of companies, including non-profits, high-tech, low-tech, services, manufacturing and professional. We are experts in becoming experts in your business by understanding the key metrics, or value drivers for your business. We are specialists at understanding what truly drives profitability and helping our clients stay focused on those things. The only things typical about our clients are that they are ethical and they care about their business succeeding—however they define it. #FAQ

What size companies do you serve?

CFO Network serves companies from startups (zero revenues) to larger companies of $50M in annual revenues or more. We can do most everything from pay the bills, to provide supplemental accounting support to analysis and Chief Financial Officer level services #FAQ

Our Values

These are our values. And the qualities we associate with successful team members. Customer Orientation: We understand that this company is built on long term relationships. We maintain a sharp focus on taking care of the lifeblood of our business—our clients. Quality: We strive to achieve the highest standards of quality as demanded by our customers. This includes having the skill set and aptitudes required for excellence in the job. Ethics: CFO strives to operate on the highest ethical standard. We adhere to a standard of ethics that requires us to not only do the right thing, but also to the higher standard that we avoid even the appearance of doing anything unethical. Task Management

Business Valuation

We at CFO Network are deeply experienced at valuing business. We have valued more than $4 billion worth of businesses, including valuations for some of the world's most respected companies. For us it is not just plugging in numbers into some formulas and writing up a report. We understand it is critical to comprehend the context around the valuation in order to select the right approach and apply the right assumptions. And yet we are not so proud of our services that we charge an arm and a leg. We are experts in business, with over a decade of experience working in the trenches with owners and executives of businesses of all sizes, in all industries. We pride ourselves in truly understanding

Medical / Dental

CFO has deep experience serving as key business partners for medical and dental practices. We are HIPAA certified and understand your unique needs. We understand your focus is and should be your practice. You are great at what you do and the most valuable resource in the business. You don't have time to be distracted and worried about things like billing, collections, and the cost and complexity of increasing compliance issues. You need a business team that you can trust. Who is capable of taking care of the business end of things? Who is making sure billing and collections are getting done right? Reimbursement and denials? Scrutinizing and controlling costs? After all the costs are paid out

Why Business Planning is a Worthwhile Investment

Business planning is one of those “nice to have” things for executives. Most say business planning is a good thing, but yet only a small percentage report doing it on a regular basis, especially executives in small and medium businesses. If business planning is done well it can be a worthwhile investment. The trick is to learn from those that do it well, adapt it for your own organization and integrate it into the fabric of how you run the business. I spent 14 years working in the areas of strategy, investments and finance for companies such as Motorola Semiconductor and Intel Corporation. Intel in particular is renowned for its planning and execution capability. The semiconductor busin

A Better Way to Run Your Business

For a business owner, what’s the value of having solid numbers and the ability to use them to make good decisions? Imagine being an airline pilot flying at night. All you have is your instrumentation to tell you where you are, where you have been and where you are heading. In a business, you are flying blind if you do not have numbers you can trust, are not timely or are not usable for making decisions. You should expect more! At CFO Network we do two things: (1) we have a great accounting staff who provide a solid foundation of timely, accurate and relevant numbers and (2) we have a great team of business analysts who leverage the numbers to work with you to help you maximize the potentia

Managing Risk

Managing risk is an inherent element of finance. Whether they realize it or not, business owners grapple with the tough trade-offs between risk and return every day. The problem is that most business owners are forced to do this all alone. CFO is genetically wired to help our business owners identify potential risks and to help actively manage them. First, we can dramatically improve the risk of accounting fraud compared to a typical small business. CFO can provide the critical element of separation of controls. Most small businesses have only one person doing things. At CFO there is one specialist who balances the bank and another who does accounts payable. We have an accountant that review

Managing Growth

We have found that businesses tend to go through series of stages, each one marked by some type of natural barrier, usually requiring a retooling of people and processes to break through. Unfortunately most business owners don’t recognize these barriers until they have already bumped up through them and suffer heavy consequences when things come crashing down. CFO has seen this time after time and is uniquely able to help proactively identify and plan for these in our clients. An example of one such barrier is the need to shift from “managing by walking around” to “managing by the numbers”. In the beginning an owner can stay close to customers and each employee through informal communication

How do you work with companies outside of your geographical area?

We serve companies from coast to coast. We have pioneered a paperless process that makes things very easy on our clients to get us the information and helps us maximize efficiency to keep our solution affordable. We provide remote access for our clients’ accounting system and regularly use online collaboration tools, including video conferencing and shared desktops to work with our clients. We have over 85 companies both near and far on this process and it works quite well #FAQ

Can I afford CFO Network?

Yes! We were built from the ground up to serve small business, which means we have to be affordable. Our costs are typically lower than the cost of hiring internal people. We have pioneered a unique team-specialist approach that makes our productivity far greater than that of a typical internal employee. This allows us to deliver superior value at a cost that is affordable. But that’s just the beginning. When we combine a foundation of great accounting with world class analysis the results can have a dramatic improvement to the bottom line. Our goal is to more than pay for ourselves with improved cash flow. #FAQ

How do you charge for your services?

We offer both hourly and fixed price billing. Hourly work is typically for project-type work. The majority of our revenues come from fixed price billing where we define the scope of work and success metrics on the front end, estimate the time required, and translate that into a low monthly price. Just like a virtual employee #FAQ

Are you a CPA firm? Do you do taxes or audits?

No. We have chosen to NOT be a CPA firm specifically because we are laser focused on internal accounting. We like to work with your existing tax expert. We can offer consistent weekly and monthly service levels. We are never distracted by tax season, audit seasons, or any other season. #FAQ

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