I Want To Grow My Business

We have found the smartest and most capable person is usually the business owner. How a business owner spends his/her time is one fo the most important determinants of success in a business. We know that there are literally hundreds of things an owner can do for the business that are truly "good things". The key is to understand which are the most important for achieving goals and to stay focused on those limited number of things. One of those things is usually growth. So how does CFO Network help its clients grow? We are not sales genies. We aren't even sales and marketing experts. But yet we see it. We did a study of our clients who hire us with a goal of growth and looked at their busine

Getting Costs Under Control

We understand the that every percentage point in your business matters. If you are a $5 million business, even one percent is $50,000. Our accountants take pride in providing a solid foundation of timely, relevant and, most importantly, accurate reporting so you can have confidence in your numbers. Our analysts watch your numbers like a hawk. We analyze every variance and will be in position to work with you to identify any cost excursion or margin compression. We fine tune your numbers then find those "one percent" problems, helping you squeeze every penny to the bottom line. In case you didn't notice, CFO Network delivers much more than you'd expect from a typical bookkeeper, accountan

Accounting Cleanup

Gotten behind? Need to cleanup or revamp some things? Maybe it's time to change systems. Don't worry, we've seen it all. ​We have a team of accounting professionals who are efficient and effective. Need cleanup on your books? It happens all the time. We'll come in, do a quick evaluation, then work with your staff to lay out an organized, effective action plan for getting your books cleaned up and caught up. Thinking of migrating systems, but afraid? Don't worry, we've done this many times. We will bring up your new system in parallel and only switch over after it is tested and ready. How about a revamp? Many business owners are 'trapped' in the way they've always done their accounting but wi

Better Visibility and Insight

Know where you are and where you are going. Get the tools and analysis to help you stay on track. Most business owners are accustomed to getting financial reports that show how their company performed last month, or year to date. That's how accountants and bookkeepers have done it for hundreds of years. But this is the 21st century. A business owner needs more than visibility into the past-- especially the distant past. It's a lot like trying to drive a car down the road by looking only in the rear view mirror. ​ Where is your business right now? Where is your business going? These are the two other legs of the stool. You need a seamless view of your business from past to present to future.

Worry-Free Accounting

You won't have to worry about your accounting ever again. Hire CFO Network and get on to other things. As a business owner, have you ever thought about the value of your time? How much time do you spend fiddling with your numbers? Correcting mistakes? Hiring, training, managing yet another bookkeeper. Waiting for reports you can use to run your business. What if you used that extra time to work ON your busines, instead of IN your business? Most business owners respond that they could do some pretty valuable things with their time. Even one additional customer per month could add tens of thousands of dollars per year in bottom line cash flow. When we walk through this with business owners, th

Customized Accounting Solutions

Have someone you already like but they just need some extra help? Keep what you like and source the rest from the best. We are talking about bookkeepers, accountants, controllers, financial analysts and CFOs. Detail. Big picture strategy. Accounting. Finance. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who could be great in all these areas? Most business owners don't think about it because they assume only the big companies can afford to have all of these capabilities. Wrong. That's where CFO Network fits best. We have a deep bench of high quality specialists to bring to bear for the benefit of your company at a price you can afford, regardless of where you are located. We have been successful devel

Business to Business Services

CFO Network knows business services. Heck, we are one. Understanding your customer, attracting, motivating and retaining good employees, delivering a high quality product and managing your customer relationships are the key. All while making sure your pricing is right, collecting what you are owed and watching every penny that goes out the door. You are passionate and good at what you do, but staying on top of all of this can be like a bad game of whack-a-mole and can be exhausting. And if it wasn't so sad, it'd be funny that you are also expected to be good at accounting. The reality is that you need help. Have you thought about the value of your time? Think of it like this: What if you


Whether on the investor side, starting companies ourselves or supporting our amazing clients, CFO Network has worked with literally hundreds of startups. We understand where you are, where are going, how to lift off and what it looks like when you get there. It's all about how to best exploit the market opportunity enabled by your great idea. What barriers to entry can you create? Patents, first mover, scale. What's the most efficient path to profitability? Financing, marketing and production strategies all have to make sense and be in synch. What will investors be looking for? It's like building an airplane at 30,000 feet. What you can accomplish with limited resources is embarrassing


CFO Network traces its roots to working for some of the world's most admired, most advanced manufacturing companies. Keys to success are capacity planning and utilization, fixed asset management, pricing, unit economics and labor productivity. Net margins depend on industry, but typically range between 4-9%. The key is to understand your cost structure. Most manufacturers have a high fixed cost structure. The name of the game here is pricing to maximize total marginal profit which usually involves getting maximum utilization of the fixed assets. If you have a product that is more commodity, you need to focus on being a low cost producer. If the pricing environment is volatile or uncert

Construction, Remodeling and Trade Contractors

CFO Network has extensive experience in the construction and trade industries. Success is all about having good information on job costing so you can make good estimates, manage your resources and ultimately maximize profitability by job. Construction is a notoriously cyclical business. The key is to watch every penny like a hawk and to be nimble to take advantage of upswings while hunkering down in the downturns. CFO has worked with literally dozens of companies in the construction, remodeling and contractor industry. Our clients have trusted us as their most senior advisors through some of the most challenging business conditions since the Great Depression. CFO Network is proud of how our

Consumer / Retail

CFO Network has a decade of experience working with consumer and retail focused businesses. It's all about using the data to maximize margins. Cost per customer acquisition. Understanding your unit margins. Product or service line profitability. Cost control. And of course, your overhead and the bottom line margin. Margins in the retail and consumer-facing industries can be incredibly thin. There are so many ways to lose money if you don't have a foundation of good data. And that's just the start. How you mine it, analyze it and make decisions based on it can make the difference between success and failure. And if you're not doing it right then someone else will. Do you have resources who

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