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Employer OnDemand allows you to take control of your payroll. From payroll and HR to timekeeping and reporting, access full payroll solutions from a single interface customized to your needs. https://www.employerondemand.com/RDWeb/Pages/en-US/login.aspx

Employer on the Go meets the needs of a new age of workforce management, this “lighter” version of Employer OnDemand brings you speed, simplicity and technology at your fingertips. Easy to use, and in real-time, this cloud-based payroll and workforce management tool provides customers everything they need for completing payroll, time tracking, HR needs and employee onboarding. https://www.employeronthego.com/

HR 360 HR Support Center Our HR Support Center is the right solution to keep
your business up to speed with various HR needs. Employers are provided online access to Employee Handbooks, Pre-written HR Forms and Letters, Job Descriptions and required HR forms. Furthermore, you will be provided with a Question and Answer Database, news, articles and a glossary of HR terms. By subscribing to our HR On-Demand Option, you will have access to an HR professional via email and phone.  https://www.hr360.com/login/


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Employer OnDemand Timekeeing is an online electronic time and attendance solution for all businesses, large and small. https://timekeeping.employerondemand.com/

Employee Self Service access allows employees to view their payroll information including check stubs, W2s and 1099s online in real time. This allows your organization to reduce the administrative burden, and decrease printed material and distribution costs, resulting in increased profitability. https://selfservice.employerondemand.com/


My Employer on the GO portal will provide employees a single point of access to their employer, while providing the company and its HR team a tool to engage and communicate with their employees in real time. Employees, managers and employers can access the portal anytime, anywhere and from any device. The product includes electronic pay stubs, time and attendance, benefits statement, leave management, HR profiles, company announcements, company forms and documents, tasks, company directory, and much more. https://my.employeronthego.com/Login.aspx

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