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Why Use A Local Payroll Company?

When it comes to payroll solutions for your small business, there are plenty of options from banks to dedicated payroll providers. At CFO Network we have worked to build a world class payroll solution that also knows and understands your local business.

With CFO Network, should you ever have a problem or need us to help you solve a unique situation, you can come to our office instead of dealing with a third party call center representative. And since we are part of the same community, we understand what is going on in your business so we can better craft solutions to meet your individual needs.

We do all that while still providing competitive services and pricing compared to the large national providers. 

Benefits of CFO Network

Easy Integration and Migration

CFO Network Payroll solutions easily integrate with your existing time keeping and payroll processes. Even better we can quickly and seamlessly migrate your existing payroll system so there is little effort to switch.

New to using an outside payroll provider? Our payroll specialists can sit down with you one on one and walk you through how to integrate our payroll services into your business. 


CFO Network Payroll solutions allows you to streamline your payroll flow by providing solutions such as automatic payroll taxes where we calculate and pay your federal and state taxes, end of year W2 and 1099 filings, benefits reports, and more. 

All this allows your business to focus on doing what it does best and leaving the payroll services to someone you can trust. 

Industry Standard Technology

CFO Network leverages industry standard technologies that meet or exceed solutions offered by other payroll providers. 

You can find a full suite of employee and employer online self services tools at your disposal so everyone can get the information they need instantly. We also offer services such as online background check services so everything you need is in one location.

Finally we can implement specific technologies such as GPS validated time keeping to meet the needs of your individual business.

Full CFO Network Suite

Finally our payroll comes backed with the full CFO Network suite of services should you ever need more than a payroll provider. Our history of being a top tier business financial consultant means we can help answer and solve any questions or problems your business is going through.

With our accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, and marketing services we can help your business build for the future and succeed. 

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