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Did you know that traditional timekeeping methods such as manual time sheets and old punch card systems could be costing your company thousands of dollars each year? CFO Network HR Services' Timekeeping not only makes time and attendance more efficient, it saves you money by accurately tracking the amount of time your employees work. It helps prevent time theft which increases wages, taxes and benefits and reduces your profits. Accurate timekeeping also helps you stay in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and puts you in a favorable position should you have an audit by the Department of Labor.

CFO Network HR Services offers two types of timekeeping: online timekeeping and a traditional terminal swipe card system. Both are extremely affordable, reliable and cost effective due to the time transactions actually integrating with our software. There is no need for importing or re-keying into the payroll system. With the option of Manager Self-Service, you can allow department managers to view, enter and correct their employee's timekeeping transactions and correct their employees' timekeeping translations, and our ability to customize security access give you the confidence they will only have access to the information they require. Also, these managers will have the ability to view reports daily, per pay period, by date range and by division, location and department.


TIME IS MONEY. Can you afford to not take control of it?

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HR Services:   Payroll | Timekeeping | HR Support | Other Services
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