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Business owners are a special group. There’s no shortage of problems for the CEO. One of the biggest and most tragic situations I have seen too many times to count over the last 20 years working with CEOs involves getting lured into a “software trap”...

I use the term Instrumentation in my blog frequently to mean collecting, recording, measuring, and planning with relevant data in tailored analytic reports. In laymen’s terms, instrumentation is a powerful resource for business leaders to use in maki...

Sometimes well-meaning accountants can make things too complicated, whether they use archaic methods or focus on ineffective data. Excess complexities such as these can be debilitating to a business, leading to unusable financial reports sent to mana...

I understand the pressures of running a business and am in the trenches everyday with clients who run theirs. I’ve come to realize that it makes little difference whether your business is in its infancy, or you’re captaining a 3-generation mammoth fr...

At CFO Network we have been hard at work to meet the growing business needs of companies throughout the state. We are excited to announce that starting next month we will expand and launch a dedicated Northwest Arkansas branch beginning August 1st.


Winging it is no way to run your business. You've got too much at stake. Even a 1% variance in your cash flow can cost you tens of thousands. Proper business planning is an essential tool for successful businesses. Here's a primer on how to prepare y...

I began to look at the fees in our 401k plan and what I found was disturbing. I was shocked to find that 38% of my workers' retirement was going to fees

Part 1

At CFO Network we have been analyzing skilled nursing facilities for over ten years, and have witnessed some significant industry trends over that time.  One of the most interesting, but least understood and discussed, is the dominance of Forma...

Growth requires planning and focus-- two hallmarks of CFO Network. Let us leverage our winning experience for you! 


We have found the smartest and most capable person is usually the business owner. How a business owner spends his/her time is one fo t...

We combine great accounting with impactful analysis to find inefficiencies to turn expenses into savings! 


We understand the that every percentage point in your business matters.  If you are a $5 million business, even one percent is $50,000.  Our ac...

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CFO Network Expands to Northwest Arkansas

July 25, 2018

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